Friday, February 4, 2011

Chocolate powder curry for cooking

Firstly, i would like to thank Ila the #255 and #256, Dr Mohd Hafiz bin Dato' Osman, the latest geng tidak kosong for this coretan maksu :D


Once upon a time, dinosaurs roamed the world, but that was then this is now, recently my youngest daughter opened the peti ais [boxy ice, erkk.... what a translation!] and found a packet of an already opened chocolate powder with a brandname starts with letter 'v' . She ate it quietly (but i can still see her, hhmmm, kantoilah kejap lagi tu) and a few minutes later, asked me, "is there any more chocolate powder because it is so deleshess" [delicious].

I told her, "keep on dreaming, none".

She replied, "yes, i can see there's some more", she picked up one packet of curry powder and showed it to me happily ever after.

"W, don't eat that! it's curry powder, for cooking purposes!"

This is w in her zombi zomba look, saspen tak tengok mata dia yang bulat tu?

Semua coretan adalah hakmilik Mak Su dan tidak boleh diulangsiar oleh sesiapa pun tanpa keizinan dari Mak Su.© 2010 Hakcipta Terpelihara.


shasha said...

berjaya abiskan serbuk kari tak?heheheh

gadisBunga™ said...

hahaha!!! gigih tau!!!

Mak Su said...

shasha, tak, hahaha

gadis bunga, mmg dia determine sungguh

Acik Erna said...

mak su..cantik mata dia..memang bulat..

Mak Su said...

;), thanks kak erna, syukur kepada Allah